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Budapest 2019

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Chess Artistry Adventure in memory of Pal Benko

The study of chess is an artistic creation, the essence of creativity, play within play, and the authors of the study are accordingly playful artists - and a bit of magicians.

In 2021, the Judit Polgár Chess Foundation launched the first ever chess study competition under the auspices of the Global Chess Festival, creating a tradition. This year, the festival celebrates the genre and the composers in a different way. The "Chess Artistry Adventures" is an invitation-only event, with each invited composer's entry being featured in the Global Chess Festival's Chess Study Gallery, and will be shown and analysed in a video guided tour for current and future fans of the genre. There are no first prizes, no special prizes - everyone wins, creators and audience alike.

With this event, the Global Chess Festival pays tribute to the memory of Pál Benkő (died in 2019), a brilliant scholar, mentor and former coach of multiple World Chess Champion candidate Judit Polgár.


Chess Artistry Adventures in Wonderland

Chess Artistry Adventure in Wonderland
by Mariya Yugina


You can view the award winning studies from 2021 HERE.

Here you can download the PGN file of the prize winner compositions.



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Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
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