Chess in the National Gallery
Budapest 2019

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

Creativity and innovation in sport – What did the Romans give us?

Venue: Hungarian National Gallery, 1st floor

CEST 12:00 -12:20

Language: Hungarian with translation into English


 Nagy tímeakőbánJudit


In this special feature entitled ‘What did the Romans give us?’, the main theme of this year's Global Chess Festival will be looked at from a different and provocative angle as we turn back the world clock to speak about Creativity and Innovation from a different perspective. We will speak about athletes and material, strategies and training methods, technologies, creative minds, anonymous and celebrated innovators from the fields of chess, fencing and kayaking.
There will be a podium discussion with three members of the Association of Immortal Hungarian Athletes: two-time Olympic champion duellist Tímea Nagy, two-time Olympic gold medal holder kayaker Rita Kőbán, and the host of the Festival, five-time chess Olympic champion Judit Polgár.
Discussion leader: Edit Szalay.

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Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation