Chesstivity is a fun competition that will put your knowledge of chess to the test. It also requires skill, swiftness, logic and creativity to complete, but most importantly it aims to create a friendly atmosphere while listening to good music and having lots of fun.


The event was the original idea of Zsombor Rózsa and it is held on the day of the Global Chess Festival since 2015. 8 teams (8 towns), led by well-known captains, are competing in a series of 8 games in Chesstivity. The host of the event is television reporter Gábor Agárdi and DJ Norbee.




09:00 – Arrival and registration

09:05 – Introduction to the game rules

10:00 – Team presentation ceremony

10:20 – Warm-up Show with Patricia Szalai

10:30 – Chesstivity

13:00 - David Henderson & Friends mini concert

13:30 – Award ceremony




  • Date

    14th October 2017

  • Location

    Palic, Trogir str 20.

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  • Organizer

    Zsombor Rózsa

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    Click here

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Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation