Dutch Team Competition Round 2
The Netherlands

Calculating all leagues together, there will be  approximately 1500 active players during the 2nd round of Dutch Team Championship in the Netherlands on October 8!



 A statue made by Frans Fritschy through the lens of Lennart Ootes . It represents the relative large presence of arts and culture around the recent NCh’s.

Machteld van Foreest, the sister of Dutch  Champion Jorden van Foreest.
The board and pieces are especially made for a very popular Dutch chess movie “Lang leve de koningin”
(Long live the queen), made by a grandchild of former World Champion Max Euwe.


  • Date

    Oct 08, 2016

  • Location

    The Netherlands

  • Event name

    Dutch Team Competition Round 2

  • Event's address

    Multiple locations

  • Organizer

    KNSB (Royal Dutch chess Federation)

  • Website

    Click here

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation