The Lethbridge Chess Festival

The Lethbridge Chess Festival


Throughout September and October 2019, schools in Lethbridge will be organizing a number of chess events.

Students will be learning/playing chess, studying its history, reading about important grandmasters (men and women), making art projects, and doing lots of other fun, chess-related activities.

As well, students will be coming to the University of Lethbridge to play chess with the Chess for Life team, and deepen their critical and creative thinking skills.

It’s going to be a great Fall 2019.


Pics from Coalbanks Elementary School, Lethbridge: 


  • Date

    12th October 2019

  • Location


  • Event name

    The Lethbridge Chess Festival

  • Event's address

    4401 University drive

  • Organizer

    Lance Grigg

  • Website

    Click here

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation