Educational Chess Summit 2022

What are the benefits for children of learning chess early, and of chess-oriented education from pre-school age? How does chess support the learning of foreign languages? What opportunities does chess offer for the development of children with autism? How does chess shape girls' thinking?
Chess is a Jolly Joker in education as a tool to help children develop socially and intellectually in a playful way, and to strengthen their 4C skills, ie. critical thinking, creativity, cooperation and communication. At the internationally renowned 'Educational Chess Summit', we will pick up where we left off last year, showcasing the best and latest educational programmes and innovations and their results from around the world. Chess in Education is not chess education, it is brain and mental training.

● The conference can be followed online
● Language: english
● Hosted by Judit Polgár and Leontxo García (journalist, education expert)   
● Speakers and topics: coming soon....

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation