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Marshall Morning U1800 Action

Welcome to the famous Marshall Chess Club, the second oldest chess club in the United States! This is where José Raúl Capablanca gave his last exhibition, where Alexander Alekhine visited and played speed chess, and where thirteen-year-old Bobby Fischer defeated Donald Byrne in "The Game of the Century."

Marshall Morning U1800 Action - Celebrate National Chess Day!

Open to youth K-12. ($325 b/25): $150-100, G/25 d5.

U1500: $75. EF: $40, MCC Members $20.

Rounds.: 9-10:15-11:30am-12:45pm.


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    Oct 8, 2016

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    Marshall Chess Club

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    Marshall Morning U1800 Action

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    23 West 10th Street New York, NY 10011

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    Marshall Chess Club

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