mini-torneo de ajedrez


It's a celebration of chess in a library for kids in oaxaca, méxico. There's going to be a mini tournament where kids between 5 and 12 will play chess simultaneously. in the meantime, visitors can witness the matches or watch a documentary about chess in another area of the library. at the end the participants will have a diploma and the first and second places will get a price.


  • Dátum

    2017. Október 14.

  • Helyszín

    Oaxaca de juarez

  • Esemény neve

    mini-torneo de ajedrez

  • Helyszín címe

    calzada madero 511, Col. Centro

  • Szervező

    BS Ferrocarril

  • Weboldal

    Kattintson ide

Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
Happy Kids
Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
Happy Kids