SLCC – Saturday Afternoon Chess


Quick Chess

Game/25 & Speed

G/25 with 4 second increment is held weekly except the last Saturday of the month when the format changes to unrated speed at g/5 with 2 s increment.  Quick chess tournaments are not held when conflicting with other local/state adult tournaments.  

Location:  Top Floor of the Salt Lake Community College Library (Off Redwood Rd at ~4500 S)

When the college is closed we move to Summerhays Halibut & Chips (4870 S Highland Dr), which is west of the old Cottonwood Mall, unless otherwise posted on this website.

Time:  1:30-5:30pm

Entry Fee:  $5

Send paid entries/advance registration to:
Grant Hodson, 5856 W. Cilma Dr, West Valley City, UT 84128 (

Prizes:  Section winners normally receive $20-$40 depending on number of players, after subtracting for rating fees and any free entries.  Ties for 1st place, of course, split the money.  (This tournament is essentially non-profit.)

Consolation:  Anyone losing all three games is entitled to free entry the following week.  Please get signed slip from Grant noting date of free entry, to avoid any potential dispute.


  • Dátum

    2017. Október 14.

  • Helyszín

    Salt Lake Community College Library

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    SLCC – Saturday Afternoon Chess

  • Helyszín címe

    Salt Lake Community College Library 4600 Redwood Rd Taylorsville, UT 84123

  • Szervező

    Utah Chess Association

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Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
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