Triangle Chess Tournaments

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Players: K-12 has 4 per Section 3 Rounds: K-12 Starts 9:15a then ASAP Time: K-12 G/30 d5 Entry Fee: $20 online, $25 onsite Prizes: K-12 1st Trophy, 2nd Medal

Triangle Chess is introducing chess to youth; we help kids achieve more through chess. Chess gives kids confidence that carries over to many other pursuits. Reading and math skills of children who play chess consistently soar. Their social skills increase substantially with respect to playing fairly, courage facing difficult situations or opponents, and the patience needed for exceptional timing. Troubled youth benefit from chess with increased interest in learning and a reduction of performance distracting outbursts


  • Dátum

    October 14

  • Helyszín

    Raleigh, NC

  • Esemény neve

    Triangle Chess Tournaments

  • Helyszín címe

    TCC, 5920 S. Miami Blvd, 27560

  • Szervező

    Triangle Chess

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Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
Happy Kids
Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
Happy Kids