Világsakkfesztivál 2021

Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány



Chess Artistry Competition

International formal tourney

in memory of Pal Benko


The organiser of the event: Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

The judge : John Nunn 


Patronage of the event: Judit Polgar, Vladimir Kramnik


The Chess Artistry Competition aims to celebrate the artistic side of chess. Endgame studies embody many of the most beautiful elements of chess and composers put an enormous effort into compositions which delight thousands of enthusiasts around the world.


Criteria for submitted compositions:

Preference will be given to studies which are likely to appeal to over-the-board players. Natural initial positions and clear-cut analysis are preferred. Each author can send one study or two joint-compositions.


Prize: There will be trophies for the top three winners and special prizes for particular categories, such as young (under-25) composers. As usual, the award will consist of prizes,, honourable mentions and commendations. The participants will also receive a memento representing this Chess Artistry event.

Please send your original work (in PGN format by the 31st of July 2021 to the tourney director:


Peter Gyarmati: (anticipation checking by Harold van der Heijden)

and please note if you are under-25!


The compositions of the winners and special prizes will be published during the Global Chess Festival on 9th October 2021 and you can follow the publication on the website of the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation. The award will be published at first on the official website of the Global Chess Festival ( and its partner online pages, and after that in the Magyar Sakkvilág. The studies in the award will also be used for publicity purposes by the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation, including social media.


We wish good luck and creativity to all participating composers. 



Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
Happy Kids
Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
Happy Kids