18 September, Wednesday
Intercontinental Budapest

How can we use chess as a game to develop children's social skills? How does it strengthen the ability to cooperate, which is crucial for our future? These topics will also be covered at the 4th Chess in Education Conference!
During the Budapest Chess Olympiad, the summit will welcome visitors from over 100 countries: we will explore the role and importance of chess in education from new perspectives and present innovative new methods, tools, and results for its application. This year's central theme is INSPIRATION. What is inspiration? How can we effectively inspire children? How can we integrate the most effective chess-based educational programs into home education, institutional frameworks, and children's lives?
Lectures and panel discussions will feature renowned international and local experts. These sessions extend beyond educators and parents to include a broader audience.
„Inspiration exists, but it has to find your working.” (Pablo Picasso)


Hosts: Leontxo García & Judit Polgár
Conference language: English
Professional partner: FIDE EDU
Participation requires prior registration. Information to follow.

Two presentations from 2023, as a preview: 
Prof Barry J Hymer: Deciding to Grow – The Role of Mindset
Shameed Sait: Chess, AI, and the Classroom



We reserve the right to make changes to the programmes.

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